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02:02am 11/03/2005

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01:57pm 02/03/2005
mood: hopeful
He likes me! :)
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09:25pm 01/03/2005
mood: happy

We're finally finished moving!  I'm so happy! :)  my room is all unpacked, the only thing I have left to do is set up my desk.  So, i'm sitting on the floor right now, with my key board on my lap and my computer monitor on a box. LOL.   It works for now. If anyone wants my new Home phone number call my cell and i'll give it to you.

 Today was Sonshine Club and it was awesome.  I was the teacher and all the kids loved it. They were all paying attention, answering questions, it was great.  Steve said he loved the message, and everyone else agreed!  Yay me! : )  Some of the kids even gave me hugs when they left and think we're really doing something here. I'm proud.  

Love you all.


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12:21am 23/02/2005
mood: tired

 I'm tired of packing!!!

I want this all to be over!  I saw the new house today, it's really nice. We have an extra room connected to the garage. We're gonna make it a band room, But when we when there tonight the room was flooded LOL. My mom freaked out. Luckily we know about it and it didn't happen when all our interments were in it.  It's easily fixable.

So, I saw my dad yesterday, first time in 4 years. He invited us to dinner. It was weird. He wants to be in our lives but doesn't know how. I don't know if I want him back in my life, but I guess we'll see what happens next.


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03:59am 19/02/2005

Today was so much fun! I went galactic bowling with some people from Exile.  It's was great, about 15 people came, and then afterwards we went to Misha's house and had hamburgers and played Catch Phrase (crazy game) LOL. Saturday Rosie's having a party, sounds like thats going to be fun. But one person that I wanted to come wont be coming :( oh well.

 I hate having a chrush and not knowing how he feels. Or even knowing if it truly is a chrush. Crazy, i know. But thats me!  I really want someone I can depend on, Lean on, Love. someday he will come.

12:23am 17/02/2005
mood: Just me


It's been awhile...i'm not on the computer much anymore. But my life's going really well.  I just finished all the paperwork for applying for Indian Hills. Oh Yea! LOL. I pretty sure I'll be working there this summer! I can't wait. I've been working with Exile at an after school club called the Sonshine Club.  It's going really well, huge turn out, we maxed out the classroom this tuesday, Next time we might have to use the library! It's so great that so many kids are interested in learning about God. It's so much fun.

Big Big News!

We finally found I house! We're moving on the 26th to El Cajon! It's a great house, so much better than this one. Maybe we'll have a house warming party so everyone can see it. you all better come...LOL.

Well thats the news for now...

I'll try and update more aften

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crazy quizes   
02:47pm 31/01/2005
mood: Happy

I am going to die at 86. When are you? Click here to find out!

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03:26am 26/01/2005
mood: sick
busy, busy weekend! Friday I babysat again. It was perfect timing to get Ethan a birthday gift! I love when that happens... Saturday was good, spent the day with my mom. and when we got home my fish was swimming upside-down in his tank (he was still alive!) So I called petco and we went down there with a water sample. (the water was really bad) So I took all the water out and replaced it. And now he's all better!! Yay! I love my fishy! On sunday I sang for my brother's band! And I guess they liked it, so, my gonna sing with them again next sunday. Maybe more, who knows. And Monday was Ethan's Birthday! We had a suprise party for him and it worked sooo well. He had no Idea! It was great. We all had a great time. And came back to the house and played video games and such. I'm very proud of my brother. 21! wow! crazy. And i've been sick all week :( it's seems to keep getting worse. hopefully i'll be better soon.
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New Year, New Live Journal   
03:08pm 19/01/2005
mood: accomplished
Hey everyone. Don't worry I'm not dead, I just havn't been on the computer very much lately. Um, I'll fill you in on my life. Lets start at the begining of the year. Jan. 1 I went to Disney Land with a bunch of friends. It was a lot of fun, Thunder Mountain was the best! hehe we went on it 3 times :) It was a great way to start off the new year. I've made some new friends at the church i've been going to. Been hanging out with them a lot. We all went "sledding" a couple weeks ago. and when I say sledding i mean when we got up to the mountain there was only a tiny amount of snow so we just had a snow ball fight! lol Went to see Ethan's band play at crossroads cafe, that was nice. :Some new things in my life: I am now a blonde again...scary, i know, but it looks ok! Starting college on the 24th! yay me! Still trying to get a job. I waiting for the school board to call me. And my family is moving again, we're looking for a place right now. we'll still be in the area. I guess thats it for now, I'm single, and living life...life's not bad, not bad at all. ~meghan
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